Sunday, February 17, 2008

The nicest neighbors

One thing that I love about our new home is the neighborhood. From the day we moved in people have been so kind. I fill like it is my second ward. When I had Devon a neighbor brought me some frozen dinners and another took my older two kids a few nights when Ryan was working late. Our neighborhood also has parties in the park, a soccer team, a playgroup in the park and a flag football team for the guys. Our neighbors one each side of us and across the street have been especially kind. They give our children treats for every holiday (this is not always good because you know it is not McKena or Mason munching on cookies at 8pm, my cute winter clothes may have to wait until next year) and will randomly drop off other gifts such as workbooks, crayons, marbles and other random things. Anyway how does all of this pertain to this picture? The other day I was in the shower and the kids were having quiet time when McKena comes in to ask if her and Mason can go for a sled ride with Gary (of course we did have a talk about answering the door when mom is not right there). They got all bundled up and Gary pulled them around the park on a little sled ride. They loved it and it was fun to see them having so much fun on a snowy day. We are so blessed!