Monday, March 24, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Last Wednesday at school McKena had wacky day. We took great effort to find the wackiest outfit possible. I think it turned out pretty wacky. I also tried to fix her hair wacky with two braids in the front and two braids in the back. I was disappointed when McKena arrived home and declared that her hair was not the wackiest. Seliah (a girl in her class) had a bun on top, a braid on the side, and a poof in the back. Who knew hair could get so wacky!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here comes the dirt.

We have had a few beautiful days lately. I am sure most of you are experiencing the same changing in the weather and the random spring days that are popping up. We had a great day on Saturday. We started off the am with a little Easter egg hunt at a friends house. In the morning it was chilly enough to need jackets however by the time we got home at about 2pm it had warmed up quite a bit and the kids played outside for the next 3 hours. What a blessing for a mom that needed to get some stuff done. We even took time for a short little bike ride because it was warm enough to take the baby out without bundling. By the end of outside time we had two very dirty peds on our hands. I am not sure if you can tell from the picture, but I often wonder how their faces get so dirty. It is all worth it and nothing that a bath can't take care of.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Husband Facts

I was recently tagged with questions about my husband. Since most of my blog is about myself or our children I decided to give him some face time.

What is his name? Ryan Demars (mom's maiden name) Pederson. AKA Ry Guy, Big PaPa Ped, Rhino, Hotstuff
How long have you been married? 6 1/2 years
How long did you date? Who really knows. We new each other for one year before proposal. We had about a two month hanging out phase, then the him at BYU me in Oregon phase, and engagement phase.
How old is he? 31
Who eats more sweets? Mostly him. However I probably come pretty close which is sad considering I am half his size.
Who is taller? Him
Who can sing better? Ryan there is no comparison. I just got done doing bedtime activities by myself and when the song came along I was reminded how sad we sound without Ryan.
Who is smarter? I will let you decide Ryan is a Doctor, and my major in college was Fashion Merchandising.
Who does the laundry? Me
Who pays the bills? Me, however I am under the three strikes and you are out rule. Meaning if I get late fees or screw up in any other way three times he takes over. Sadly this has actually happened once. Ryan did do it for awhile and somehow it became my job again. Maybe he realized that it can be a little hard at times to keep up with it.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me, although it drives Ryan crazy because I am usually in the middle snuggled up right next to him anyway.
Who mows the lawn? Ryan, since we have been in the house he has really loved doing the yard work. He really loves grass and has chopped many limbs off of our trees so that maybe our yard will get more sun this summer and he can have nice grass.
Who cooks dinner? Me. Ryan does do all of the grilling in the summer.
Who drives? Ryan, I basically refuse to drive when there is an able male in the car.
Who is more stubborn? Ryan, his nickname growing up was spike because of how stubborn he is.
Who asked who out first? Ryan
Who has more siblings? I do.
Who wears the pants? This is hard. I am honestly going to say neither. We make most decisions together. We equally allow each other time to do "our own thing"
Who saves, who spends? We are both savers.
What is one of his quirks? Ryan has these slippers that he wears everywhere indoors. It drives me crazy because he will put them on even if he is taking two steps. Lets say we forgot to shut off a light, he will get out of bed put on the slippers take a few steps to shut off the random light and get back in bed, or if he is getting out of the shower he will put on his slippers to take two steps to go to the toilet. Crazy!
Who farts more? If you know us at all I do not even have to answer this, but just in case we are not personal it is Ryan.
I tag Teresa, Bella, Amber.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our poor children

I am not sure how it is for all of you, but out here in the east we have oil to heat our house. As you can imagine oil is not at a low price right now. Now let's combine this with the fact that Ryan grew up in a house where you wear your coat indoors. What do you get, not the warmest house you may come across. My poor parents we had to make some adjustments when they visited. Anyway to the picture. My kids always love to sit by the heater when the fan is on. The other day they actually decided to have a slumber party in front of the fan. Needless to say you may not want to visit the Pedersons in the winter.

Mr. Cool

So the other day we got our new camera in the mail and I was testing it out on Mason. He started doing all of these cool guy poses. I am not sure where he got these poses from. I am definitely not cool. I guess Ryan is. Anyway if you would like you can also notice our beautiful new carpet. Our old carpet was this blue, office-looking (no pile) carpet. This is so much nicer. McKena was quite upset because she thought that the carpet in her room would be a different color. I tried to explain that tan is a neutral color, however she just does not agree.