Sunday, July 26, 2009

July-My happy day

As many of you know the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. There are so many things to love about this day. I love that we celebrate all that our founding fathers did for us. I love that we have a day to recognize what a blessing it is to live in this country. Ok I also love the fireworks, food and matching oufits. When we moved out here Ryan told me that while we were here he would take me to one of the cities to see a big fireworks display. Well lucky me I got to celebrate in amazing places two years. This year we went to Gettysburg. It was a great day and we loved watching the reanactments. What a great way to teach your kids history. Of course there we tons of people dressed like this....
I mean the uniforms not all matchy, matchy like us.
For sure there were lots of cannons. Mason would curl up in a ball as they were going off, but of course that was still his favorite part of the day.
They had this fun kids battle. It was great it occupied the kids for about 30-40mins. They learned to march in rank, backwards, forwards and also to load, aim and fire their guns. Now all of you may not deem this to be skills worth acquiring for your 7, 5 & 3 years old but in the Pederson home our motto is always be prepared (not really it is "this is the happy house).

Here is just one shot of the battles. They had two battles that day. It was great throughout the whole thing someone was commentating about the different positions they had on the field and what really happened during those battles. It was a perfect activity for the day and I really hope my kids learned a few things.

At the end of the day I still had to see a great fireworks display so we drove to d.c on the way home and watched their show. We were across the river with a perfect view. What a wonderful 4th. Thank you so much Ryan!!!!!!!!!!1