Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year

I am not sure where New Years rates on my favorite holiday list. I used to sit down and write resolutions in 5 different categories. I soon learned that was not for me since my list usually was never looked at again. Now I know myself well enough to know that I work better focusing on one thing at a time. I just like one improvement at a time since nothing else in my life is one at a time. Anyway, I do love the party that comes along with celebrating New Years. The food, games and laughs you just cannot beat it. We had a great party complete with fun games, food, about 10 different kinds of ice cream, and even fireworks which I just loved. It was a wonderful night we were even Devonless since my mom insisted on keeping him. At first it was more stressful to leave him because he had only had a bottle one other time, however since all was well when we got home it was worth it. There was a slight down side to the night. As we were leaving I fell and sprained my ankle. My friend said, "At least your husband is a podiatrist" This has not helped me in the least and definitely has not made it feel any better. Thank goodness my resolution was not to start exercising any time soon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Palmyra/Niagra Falls

While my parents were here we took a weekend getaway to Palmyra, New York and Niagra Falls. It was so wonderful to visit the church history sights in Palmyra. I was especially happy to go at a time of year when it wasn't very crowded. While living in Iowa we visited Nauvoo, IL a few times and I have to say there is something a little more special about Palmyra. To see the humble surroundings that Joseph Smith was in makes the events come alive. I am so grateful to be a member of this church and grateful to Joseph Smith the first prophet of this dispensation.
Our little family in front of the temple. Sadly we were not able to make a session due to the winter hours. Having a temple in the area really added so much to the experience for me. I think I may have to go back to do a session.
Here we are in the Peter Whitmer home. This is where the church was organized. It is away off from Palmyra and out in the middle of nothing. There is a beautiful visitors center/chapel and the home. I am so glad we found it. It really had me thinking about what those ten years between the first vision and the organization of the church must have been like. We know they were filled with persecution but also with so much amazement as each thing was unfolded leading up to the organization. While in Palmyra we saw the sacred grove, hill cumorah, printing shop where the book of mormon was printed, a house where Joseph lived and the beautiful visitors center.
Niagra Falls is only an hour or so from Palmyra so we made our journey there. We went over to the Canada side and the view was breathtaking. I find water to be one of nature's greatest beauties.
I am shocked to see this picture of Mason smiling. The mist from the Falls gets you quite wet and he did not seem at all impressed.
Overall great trip. Thank you to my parents for coming with us.


Here is our Christmas. Since Ryan was working over Christmas and my parents were arriving on Dec. 26th, we made the choice to celebrate our Christmas on Friday the 28th. Most people did not think that I would be able to convince my kids that Christmas was on a different day. It turned out to be quite easy since we were homebound with sick kids all week. So they did not know any different. It has been a constant discussion between Ryan and I whether to wrap Santa gifts or not wrap Santa gifts. This year we decided to leave them unwrapped due to pure laziness. It turned out quite well who knows what we will choose next year.
Each year thanks to my grandma and mom we all get new Christmas PJs. It is so fun for the kids to open this gift the night before. My mom even brought pjs for the grandparents so that they would not feel left out.
So even though it is a little late. Merry Christmas to all of you. We had a wonderful holiday and hope that you all did as well.

PS I would not recommend celebrating on a different day. Even though my intentions were good it just wasn't the same. Due partly to the fact that we went to Walmart and a movie on our pretend Christmas Day.