Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nicest lady in Pennsylvania

A few days before Thanksgiving I was in the grocery store with all of my children, when I encountered someone that made my heart swell. I must preface this story just a little. Since moving to the east coast I have received several not nice comments about the fact that I have four children (or three and preg.) and that they are close together. One lady actually walked up to me in the grocery store when I was preg. and looking at Spencer said "Already" I said what and she went on about how I was already preg. with another. Anyway I won't share the countless others. I am in my favorite grocery store Wegmans. Now I love this store because for one hour I can put my older two children in a nursery (which they love) and shop. As I was shopping a nice comes up to admire my two young boys saying how cute they are and how lucky I am without a single word about how close in age they are. Well she happens to see me again later after I have retrieved my other two and asks are these all yours? So of course I am waiting for her to change her mind about how lucky I am. She asks if she can take one home. "On another day maybe, but today they are all being good," I responded. Then she says "God bless you." Now I get this often. Most people seem to say it as if they are really saying you poor thing. However, this lady gave me a thumbs up as she said it. I love the thumbs up sign it is so encouraging. So thank you to the nicest lady in Pennsylvania.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now that I have four children the question is do I feel busier? Not really. In fact there are so many less things that I can accomplish each day. I am often discouraged at the end of each day because so few things are crossed off of my to do list. I really need to learn to make my list shorter but I always have hope that today will be the day that things magically fall into place and the whole list will get done. However, at the end of the day there is no magic and the list is still only half done. The whole reason why I am not able to accomplish as much as I did when I was a 'three kid mom' is because my list of 'I am always doing' has become longer. Here is my list.
  1. I am always changing a diaper or going myself (I am postpartum you know).
  2. I am always washing my hands, 18 times in one day. Is that a lot? I know I am lame for counting but I wanted you to have the facts.
  3. I am always sitting down nursing, reading, looking at someone's blog. . . . . It just seems to be harder to get things done in this position.
  4. I am always cleaning the kitchen or at least wishing that I was.
  5. I am always feeding someone Devon, Spencer ( up until this week I was still feeding him thank goodness he has decided that he can handle his utensils on his own), or myself. This is by far my least favorite 'always'. I guess I could choose to eat less myself but that does not seem to be an option.
  6. I am always able to find someone to hug, kiss, and snuggle. With a husband, baby and three kids there is always someone who wants to love mom. I guess since I am always sitting there is plent of time for this. Of course I love this 'always' on my list and hope it will always be like this.

I would love to hear about your 'always' list

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

A little late in coming, but here are our pictures of the pumpkin patch experience. I think this is such a fun thing for the kids. This was very similar to the pumpkin patch in Iowa (Howells) minus the corn kernel sandbox, which I really miss and the corn maze.
Poor Devon, luckily I don't think babies feel as akward as they look.
This is the first year that we actually took pumpkins home from the pumpkin patch. It was so fun for the kids to go around and pick one out. Ryan just loved these two little ducks. . . I mean squash. I love it when Ryan gets impressed over crazy little things like this. It was so exciting that we even brought one home to sit on our precious hay bale. So exciting to have fall decor.
O.K. this picture is not so that you can see McKena busta move. I did have two problems with my local pumpkin patch. First of all there were carnival rides so it took me a whole 20 mins. to explain to my children that we were not there to ride the tea cups. My second dilemna is this DJ. Who needs to be walking around the pumpkin patch with "Red Red Wine" or "Cottoneyed Joe" playing in the background. Although Ryan and I both found this quite silly I often caught us singing along.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mason turns 4

For breakfast Mason requested donuts. So Ryan and Mason got up early to head to the store for some fresh donuts, no day old donuts for our little 4 year old. Great choice!

After breakfast it was all fun from there. He was able to have a birthday party with his little friends. It was a spiderman theme and the boys had a good time playing together, and building a spider web out of chairs and string. Then that night we opened presents with dad and had birthday cake.

Here are some of Mason's favorite things at the age of four.
  • SPORT - Baseball
  • FRUIT - Cherries
  • STORY - Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter
  • THING TO PLAY WITH HIS SISTER - She is the cheerleader while he plays soccer
  • COLORS - Orange and Green
  • TRAIN - Henry
  • ANIMAL - Horse
  • VEGETABLE - Carrots
  • SONG - Follow the Prophet

We love you Mason!


Look at our little skunk. Not only do I love the costume but this is also a rare picture of him smiling. What a joy.

Here we are all ready for our neighbors Halloween Party. If you cannot tell Ryan is a mechanic (boring I know). I dream of the day when our family has themed costumes however for now we are quite the collection with our little snow white, power ranger and stinky skunk.

These are their halloween shirts. What fun. I would never buy this kind of stuff for my kids so thanks mom! They had so much fun wearing them. You cannot tell in the picture but Mason's has a skull on his and he was so excited to show it to all the different guys to see if they would think it was scary.