Friday, April 17, 2009

Is this the face of a liar???

Here is the scenario. I mistakenly left the syrup out this morning, bad bad move. Here comes Spencer with syrup all over his mouth and hands. Mason comes to tell me Spencer was hiding a full cup of syrup in my bedroom. I ask Spencer did you eat the syrup "I didn't mommy" (tears) "I didn't mommy" I try another approach. " Who put the syrup in the cup?" Spencer responds "Nobody did it" "Spencer didn't do it" "I didn't mommy" How can this cute little guy be the culprit. I remember when Mason used to lie about sneaking things, however he would always give in when I pointed out the evidence all over his face. Spencer must be to young to realize how strong the evidence is against him. I guess we need some long lessons in honesty at this house.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wicked vs. my bed

Last week we were sick. Not just the snotty nose sick, but the kind of sick that should only happen to me when I am prego. It started with Devon. Lucky for me Devon chose to take punish Ryan with his sickness. He threw up once at night when I was out, and on Sunday at church when Ryan was holding him. Then it moved to Mason who does not throw up thank goodness. Then I got it Monday night. By Tues morning I am not doing so well and we are supposed to go to Wicked that night. By the afternoon Spencer is also aboard the train and as you can imagine my 2 year old often throws up anywhere but the designated bowl. So here is the dilemna not only am I completely achy, and probably extrememly unattractive, but my babysitter is very prego and the last thing she needs is to watch my puking children. So I finally found someone to come over that would not have to bring their kiddos. A huge shout out to Lisa Y. Spencer went through two outfit changes while we were gone. I owe her so big. Seriously what kind of super, sweet, amazing person watches someone elses puking kids so they can go on a date.

On to the show. It was great. Very well done, talented people, great effects and all of that. However a small part of me (my very achy body) wanted to be in my bed instead. Anyway we are glad we went, another thing crossed off of the list.

The truth be known

OK, lets get personal. I do not like to blog. There I said it. I knew that I should have never started one. I knew I would just see it as another thing that I neglect. UGH!!!!!!! I have the best of intentions, I will take a cute picture and have the post all written out in my head. Then two months later I feel sad that I did not post about this or that. I just never take the few minutes to get it on the computer. So many of you do such a great job at blogging, I do not know how you stay on top of it. Good job! To make myself feel better I just say that I can make a better pan of enchiladas than you. However for you good cooks, and even better bloggers out there I know that I have nothing on you.

So now that I have admitted my guilt (the first step), I can make my goal. I am short term type of girl. So I think I will see what I can accomplish the month of April. Gosh, I hope some exciting things happen around here.