Sunday, December 14, 2008

I may just move to Hershey!!!!!!!!!

My younger brother came out to visit (that is another post), and while he was here we decided to make a trip to Hershey PA. It was SWEET!!! We watched a 3D movie of dancing chocolate bars complete with mist and bubbles. It has been a while since I have been in a 3D movie and I admit that I did jump when the spider came jumping at me and something hit me in the back of the leg (blast of air).
Then we took a fun trolley ride around Hershey. It is such a well-kept town, with nice parks and schools. We drove by Mr Hershey home that he built for his wife and paid a mere $57.000 for. We also drove past the first orphage that he started in the home he grew up in. He and his wife could not have kids and so they built a home and school for orphans and today his fortune continues to go to this. Amazing I love to see people doing good. To top off the trolley ride we had a special visitor and he even had a nice list. McKena could not believe that she was on the list (not that she is incredibly naughty). The kids were all given a special ornament.

I truly thought Hershey was such a nice, clean little community. I may even look and see if they are in need of a podiatrist in a year and a half. So don't be surprised if in 2010 our Christmas card has the address Cocoa Ave in. . .