Sunday, May 25, 2008

August Rush

I know this movie is a little old but I just watched it last night and I loved it, well almost. It was totally up my alley. A great love story that was not too sexy, a simple uplifting story line, and that guy who played Lewis (I seem to enjoy his accent). The whole time I am watching I am thinking that I must own this movie. You see I have a list of a few movies that I love and I can just watch over and over. If I had time I could probably even watch some movies several days in a row. I just knew this movie needed to be added to my list. Then the ending came. I cannot handle endings like that. I hate to be left wondering. You cannot end a story with a few smiles and nothing said. Some of you may say that nothing needed to be said everything came full circle however I need words and somes hugs and kisses. Now I cannot tell you what more I needed to see because I am not a writer. I just don't understand why the movie people did not know there needed to be more. Luckily the rest of the movie was good enough to make up for the end so I think it still will be added to my list.

Spencer is 2

Our little guy has turned two. This happy birthday is a little belated because I have had a hard time finding a good picture opportunity. This little boy truly makes me realize what little kids are all about. I know that I will always find something scary if I have not seen him in a few minutes. He seems to find all of those things that I or one of the kids forgets to put away. I have seen him spill more things than I care to think about. He loves to find any way possible way to get the things that I try to put out of his reach. I am not sure if that is even possible. He has barely started talking which is not rare for my children. I love to hear his new words. He loves to say Devon's name and will say it over and over. He definitely prefers his daddy. If he needs me and I do not respond right away he refuses to let me help and will not allow me to pick him up. He is our lightweight, I will not be at all surprised when Devon weighs more than he does. He has adorable dimples and beautiful blue eyes. He loves his nursery leader. He likes to take his pants off (see below) and this drives me crazy I think children should be dressed. He loves to play with Devon and watch him do things.

He is our adorable little two year old. We love all that he adds to our family.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The two babies

Here is a picture of my two babies. I guess I will not be able to call Spencer a baby anymore since he is turning two on Wednesday. I haven't posted any pictures of Devon in awhile so I thought I would let you all see how big he is getting. He is seven and a half months old and such a joy right now. He is sitting and will acutally play by himself for awhile. He loves to be talked to or just watch the chaos going on around him (there is always some). He has been sleeping through the night for about a month which makes both of us happier. He is not into food very much although I know that will come soon enough. I have not had a picky eater yet and I think Ryan would just be beside himself if one came along. I used to think he looked a lot like his brother Mason now he is changing and I am not so sure. We love having him in our home.

McKena turns 6

It is official. May 12th has come and McKena is another year older. She has been talking about her birthday since Nov. when Mason had his. It seemed so far away then and now it is here. Like everyone says I cannot believe that my little girl/boy is 6 already but it really feels true. I love the adorable person that she is becoming. She is so helpful some days I do not know what I would do without her. She is doing really well in school and I love to watch her learn, it has been really fun for me. Here is the birthday girl.

Here are some of Mckena's favorite things at the age of six.

PRINCESS - Sleeping Beauty
FRUIT - Grapes
STORY - Strawberry Shortcake
COLOR - Pink
ANIMAL - Horse
SONG - Love One Another
Happy Birthday to our sweet girl. We love you!