Monday, December 24, 2007


We have really been able to enjoy the snow this year. Recently we had freezing rain and the whole yard was like an ice rink. The kids wanted to try and ice skate. They only had on real shoes of course, it was still not very successful. McKena fell and got a scrape on her hand right away. Mason learned it was much more fun and less dangerous to just slide on your belly. I didn't get any pics of the ice. These are pics of the fun snow.
Even though I don't think Spencer moved from this spot the whole time he was not very happy when I tried to bring him inside.
Here Mason is ready to pounce McKena.

Iowa we miss you

Last year at Christmas time McKena's wonderful sunbeam teachers dressed up all of the little kids like the nativity and took a picture. They put it into a frame and gave one to each of the kids as a gift. McKena has hers up in her room. Last night we were singing "Away in a Manager" and McKena started to cry. When asked why she replied, "That song makes me miss all of my friends in Iowa" she then referred to her picture. So to all of you good friends in Iowa (and those of you that have moved on), just know how much you are missed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am married again

This picture is kind of blurry but the point isn't for you to see my ring, but to know that I am wearing it. For about two months before and after I have my babies I am not able to wear my wedding ring. My fingers just get too fat. I usually try it on often after about the first four weeks postpartum and it finally fit about two weeks ago. For me this is even more exciting than getting into my favorite pair of jeans (I have a long time for this milestone). Not only because I love my beautiful ring, but also because I love wearing the symbol of my wonderful marriage

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Devon's Blessing

On Sunday we had Devon's blessing. I was already, head bowed, pen in hand waiting to record these special words for my son. Well my other three children had another idea. Spencer is crying/screaming the entire time so I can barely hear. I decided to stand up with him and a nice man in my ward takes him off my hands so that I can enjoy this special moment. Upon returning to my bench I find Mason with a bloody nose smeared clear across his face. Luckily it was not dripping so he could wait. By the time the other children were under control the blessing was over. I am grateful it is recorded in heaven.
Ryan is such a wonderful father. I love the fact that he blesses our children. I am especially grateful for the love and support that he gives to them and me as well. Each of our children are unique and Ryan always contemplates what he will say so that he gives them a unique blessing. Thank you Ryan, we love you.
By the way for those of you admiring Devon's incredibly beautiful blessing outfit it is courtesy of my mom. My mom had made special outfits for all of my children and I absolutely love it. Thanks mom.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Family Pictures

This past weekend we went to have our family pictures taken. Our good friend Bronwyn took them for us and did an excellent job. I wish we could have done the same for them. Of course every picture has a problem it seems. This was one of my favorites because of the great backdrop and everybody is looking and most are smiling.
Ryan never likes to do couple pictures however I reminded him that this is how it all started. Sometimes it is nice to get back to just the two of us.
Here are some of the pictures that you will not see gracing our Christmas card. Isn't it
annoying when someone is making a funny face. Even more annoying when that someone is your husband. Actually that is not the only problem with this one so he did not get into too much trouble.
This picture sums up how our family was feeling by the end of the photo shoot. Did I mention that it was about thirty degrees out. I was seriously wondering if we had frozen our poor little Devon. All for the sake of the Christmas card. As you will notice it is always the mom that is still trucking.