Sunday, January 24, 2010

This lady gave me quite the workout!!

Last week we went on a little field trip to see the Statue of Liberty. I had only seen it from the ferry when we were in NYC in 2002. McKena has been asking us to take her for awhile now, so it was a must see before we leave the area. I felt fine taking the kids by myself my only fear was driving there. Lucky I have an amazing friend that is as good as a husband when it comes to getting me places. I just blindly follow her and she always gets me to my destination in safety. What an easy life I have.
Here are all of our kids on the ferry ride from New Jersey to the statue. I think that cities are beautiful so I love NYC in the background. It was a little cold but not too bad when the sun was shining. The decent weather definitely made the trip a lot easier.
We went to Ellis Island first and learned about all of the immigrants. I honestly had no idea that so many people immigrated here. They have a great museum there. Then on to the statue. They have a small museum before hiking up. Here is Spencer doing a check of Liberty's toenails. I think they are intact and healthy. Like father like son.

We just hiked up to the pedestal where you can go out and get another great view of the city. We had wanted to go up to the crown but it was hard to get tickets and there was a height restriction so only McKena and Adam would have been able to go. McKena was upset about this but I now know it was for the best. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! I actually thought I would have been able to make it all the way, which was another 200 steps or so. Yeah right!! Just to the pedestal it was 168 steps (or 186) and let me tell you I was panting. OK panting is an understatement. In my defense I was carrying Devon and I am 33 wks. along, but come on. It was worse going down. The stairs are very narrow and I could not see my feet. I just knew that I was going to trip, drop Devon, fall on my tummy and then bounce around like a basketball. None of that happened, thank goodness!!! It was a fun trip thanks LaMonts for going with us.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

On your face, or in the case

This is our new favorite thing to say.

Mason has had a little bit of an issue with being cross-eyed for a while now. Last May when he went in for his yearly check-up his sight was not as good in his left eye and so I determined that I should finally take him into the eye Dr. Well we had to wait for our optical ins. to kick in so about 8mos. later he finally went in. This is the result of his appointment. He is very excited about his new glasses and so far does a good job at keeping them on. He does say that he is kind of embarrassed because he is missing a tooth and has glasses. Those two things make him look funny I guess.