Friday, August 21, 2009

The girl with the sassy hair

For some time now McKena has been wanting to grow her hair long and donate it to locks of love. I am not sure who first inspiried this (I think Isabelle in Iowa) but we have since seen many of our friends doing it. So if has helped McKena to be even more determined. Last Spring she was pretty close then her and one of her friends decided to give themselves a hair cut. So now finally a year later she is ready. I was a little sad to see her hair grow, but very proud of her for being brave.

Here she is with her new sassy haircut. She loves it. I do not think she is able to pass a mirror with out tossing it and smiling at herself. The guy at the beauty school said she was so good. He claimed to be uncomfortable around children, and said McKena made him feel so comfortable. No surprise there McKena can certainly talk to anyone. We love the cute new do!!