Friday, January 23, 2009

Sum up 2008

So here you have it my Christmas in review. I think that these sum up posts usually have no personality so why some of you make me laugh or give me insight I am just here to show pics of my kiddos. Here they are in the Christmas PJ's. We had a great Christmas this year.

Although this was not Spencers main gift it certainly was one of the more popular ones.

On Sat. after Christmas we decided to make a trip into NYC to see the tree and some store front windows. Here is the Big Piano at FAO. It was great. These two people did a few routines with some pretty slick moves. Definitely a must see with kids.

Mason and Dad hopped on over to the NBA store. Will Mason's hands ever be close to that? Extrememly doubtful, my genes seem to be to dominate in him.

The store front windows were great as promised. Saks had a whole story progressing in each window. Very cute. We also saw the tree, and even ventured into Times Square to see the Toys R Us. That place was packed. I just walked thru there thinking how will I ever make it out of here without losing a child. Luckily we did. We may never venture to Times Square again, at least not with out kiddos.
For New Years this year we just stayed home and celebrated with our kids and a few friends. He lots of yummy food and of course good games. For those of you that have ever spent New Years with us you will recognize Ryan's party shirt.