Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year

I am not sure where New Years rates on my favorite holiday list. I used to sit down and write resolutions in 5 different categories. I soon learned that was not for me since my list usually was never looked at again. Now I know myself well enough to know that I work better focusing on one thing at a time. I just like one improvement at a time since nothing else in my life is one at a time. Anyway, I do love the party that comes along with celebrating New Years. The food, games and laughs you just cannot beat it. We had a great party complete with fun games, food, about 10 different kinds of ice cream, and even fireworks which I just loved. It was a wonderful night we were even Devonless since my mom insisted on keeping him. At first it was more stressful to leave him because he had only had a bottle one other time, however since all was well when we got home it was worth it. There was a slight down side to the night. As we were leaving I fell and sprained my ankle. My friend said, "At least your husband is a podiatrist" This has not helped me in the least and definitely has not made it feel any better. Thank goodness my resolution was not to start exercising any time soon.


Jack's Ma said...

Jeff always says that I will never believe him as a doctor (yes, I know he already is one). He is kinda right. He's my husband, not my doctor. I am sure he is wonderful with patients but when he gives me advice, I think, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. You didn't go to medical school...Oh, I guess you did, sorry."

Hope your ankle feels better soon. Who needs exercise anyways!


Jamie said...

Ya, SOOOO sorry about the ankle! Hey Tonya you can visit my blog too, it's

Terri_B said...

Hey Tonya! I'm so glad that you have a blog! You have such a cute family. I've added you to my friends, so I'll be checking back soon. NOW GET TO POSTING! (jk.. I know that you are crazy busy with those 4 cute kids of yours)

the bean family said...

Sorry about your ankle! That stinks, and it makes you really greatful for a body that works with your children around. And I am the same way...aaron is aaron not the all knowing doctor..i have a hard time believeing he knows what he is talking about.

MJ said...

Hi Tonya,

I check your blog from time to time. I also got your Christmas card and I love it! Your kids are beautiful and you and Ryan look happy and healthy. I hope your ankle heals up quickly. If you ever need a place to stay in southern Texas our home is always open.