Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Could I be a pioneer?

OK so I probably could not deal with actually washing the laundry by hand, but I sure do love hanging it on the clothesline. Ryan put this up for me last week and I just love it. When we were looking for houses I seemed to be drawn to the clotheslines. It seems many people out here use them. Anyway I did not know it would be so easy to put one up. Who knew all you needed was two trees.


Amy Joy said...

I love your blog. Something about your writing that had my attention because I usually just look at the pictures and figure I get the idea. It makes me exctied to keep this journal for my family.
Amy Walker

Bronwyn Williams said...

You are so GREEN! Clever girl.

The Porter Family said...

Tonya, i just love reading your blog. Your captions make me smile so much. I especially loved the Where's Spencer? LOVE IT! love, Louisa