Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buns, Buns, Buns

So in case if you are wondering. . . .yes, McKena did go back to school. I will not go into how heartbreaking this was for me. A month later I think I can say that I still do not feel over it. Not to mention the fact that McKena is not the same little girl that she was this summer. Just changing I guess. For her first day of school she requested cinnamon rolls (buns). What a yummy start to a sad day (for me).
Here she is ready to leave with her cute little hair buns.

The third buns comes from me working mine out that day. I work out once a week with some other girls in my ward up at the church. That was a great work out day. Just tell me this DOES IT GET ANY EASIER? (the letting her go to school I mean)


Yorgasons said...

Was that the day you worked MY buns out!! The day you did the work out my buns hurt for a week!! hahaha! I guess that shows how unfit I am!! Sad!! Well Mckena looked cute for her first day of school!! I don't think it will get easier...and she will keep changing too!! SAD!!!!

Brenda said...

one word: homeschool!! :)

MJ said...

Hi Tonya,

I was perusing your blog and thought I would say Hi! I miss you guys so much! Life seems to be good for you. You kids look so much older! Tell the crew Hi from the Jensens!

k gale said...

Our first just rolled into kindergarden and I miss him a ton but our 3 year old is loving the one on one mommy time when his little 1 year old sister allows it :) By the way this is Kristin Gale, Darin's wife, I love your blog and it looks like all is well with the Peterson crew

The Porter Family said...

No, it doesn't get easier. I sent of f 3 girls for all-day school this year. I can't believe that your babe is 1! Time is flying too, too quickly. I still can't believe you gave your talk with your water broken. SUPERWOMAN! We miss you!
Love, Louisa