Sunday, April 5, 2009

The truth be known

OK, lets get personal. I do not like to blog. There I said it. I knew that I should have never started one. I knew I would just see it as another thing that I neglect. UGH!!!!!!! I have the best of intentions, I will take a cute picture and have the post all written out in my head. Then two months later I feel sad that I did not post about this or that. I just never take the few minutes to get it on the computer. So many of you do such a great job at blogging, I do not know how you stay on top of it. Good job! To make myself feel better I just say that I can make a better pan of enchiladas than you. However for you good cooks, and even better bloggers out there I know that I have nothing on you.

So now that I have admitted my guilt (the first step), I can make my goal. I am short term type of girl. So I think I will see what I can accomplish the month of April. Gosh, I hope some exciting things happen around here.


The Porter Family said...
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The Porter Family said...

Oh I LOVE the honesty...Have you seen my blog? LOUSY! I feel the same way too. But it really is fun to see what you are up to. There is no blogging precedence that has to be kept. --Louisa