Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's start somewhere

My sil Charity just posted that she will be writing in her blog once a week to get caught up. Go Charity. I could say that as well but then I would be a liar just like my little cutie Spencer. So instead I will try to post more often then every 2 months. May and June have been full and there is so much to say, however I will start with one of the highlights. Our visit from our Iowa friends the Giles. Is it because I love them so much or because I never have visitors? Not sure which. They arrived late on Monday night. My kids were waiting outside and could not contain themselves. When they arrived I felt like I was looking at a completely different family (kids sure do grow a lot in 2 yrs). At the same time I new I was looking at my great friends and nothing had changed.

We went to Philly one day. Jason and Teresa visited Independance Hall while we hung out with the kiddos. Then we all went to see the Rocky Statue which Ryan and I had not visited previously. Philly is always a great place and I do not know if we will ever see it all.
We also went to the 'sweetest place on Earth', Hershey PA. I couldn't let them miss the place that I am obsessed with. It is always a good time at Hershey and I do not think there is much that could make 9 children happier. Here is a pic of all of our kiddos minus the two babies.
What a fun few days. They were seriously too short!!! Giles thank you for making us feel loved.

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big_smartmouth said...

hey, i heard you guys were in DC on the 4th. i wish i would've known 'cause we were at the mall as well! dang! maybe next time. oh, and i can't wait to visit philly to get myself some cheese steak!!