Sunday, January 17, 2010

On your face, or in the case

This is our new favorite thing to say.

Mason has had a little bit of an issue with being cross-eyed for a while now. Last May when he went in for his yearly check-up his sight was not as good in his left eye and so I determined that I should finally take him into the eye Dr. Well we had to wait for our optical ins. to kick in so about 8mos. later he finally went in. This is the result of his appointment. He is very excited about his new glasses and so far does a good job at keeping them on. He does say that he is kind of embarrassed because he is missing a tooth and has glasses. Those two things make him look funny I guess.


Charity said...

Mason- you are one handsome fella!! I love a man in glasses and you look so grown-up in them.

Amanda Wilson said...

He looks so cute! I love it!

"Our Three Sons" said...

Handsome is the word that came to mind!(Even before I read Charity's comment)
So Tonya, I am really missing being in touch with you and would love to catch up. Give me a call and shoot me an email with your number...all of the ones I have for you are out of date! We are State side again and my new cell is 423-827-9188!
Love ya, Jen