Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am the queen of. . . .

....Making bad cakes. My poor kids! I am terrible at frosting and usually when I try to write their name on it I just make things worse. Ryan has decided that he could not handle it anymore and he usually takes over when it comes to the kids' birthday cakes. Well this year there is no Ryan, so I had just planned to make a normal cake with whipped cream nothing too special. Mason was helping me make Devon's cake and when we were done baking it he asked how we would decorate it. Oh, well I cannot decorate I told him and so we were just going to put toys on top. Then I decided to be brave and see if there was anything simple on the internet that I could recreate. My kids of course were drawn to these masterpieces, but we finally settled on this puppy. Now if you are creative or talented please do not judge. If you know anything about my creative side I think you may be mildly impressed. I hope you can tell what it is from the pics, I promise it did look like a dog in real life. The frosting job still lacked but overall not too bad.

Here is our little birthday boy. Wow he is really 3. I was pregnant with him when we moved here so some of our family has not even met him. He is the smiliest kid I have seen. People comment so often that he is always smiling. He loves cars, playing catch and being outside. He is very cute with Brooklyn. He likes to lay on the floor next to her and talk to her. The other day he called her a princess and said "you are my friend". It is so sweet. He also likes to steam-roll over her and pick her up both of which we are trying to convince him are dangerous.

Overall it was a great day. I love third birthdays. I think this is when kids really get that it is their special day. Devon walked around singing, "Happy Birthday to you, Devon" all day. He loved all of the special attention. We enjoyed a great day!


our family said...

I think the cake is adorable and Devon looks happy as can be with it! Can't wait to meet him:) Happy birthday little man!

Charity said...

3?!? Man. I am one of the unlucky ones to not have yet seen that smile first hand. Cant wait to see you guys. With a 4 day car ride ahead of us, Well bond Devon!