Sunday, November 4, 2007


Look at our little skunk. Not only do I love the costume but this is also a rare picture of him smiling. What a joy.

Here we are all ready for our neighbors Halloween Party. If you cannot tell Ryan is a mechanic (boring I know). I dream of the day when our family has themed costumes however for now we are quite the collection with our little snow white, power ranger and stinky skunk.

These are their halloween shirts. What fun. I would never buy this kind of stuff for my kids so thanks mom! They had so much fun wearing them. You cannot tell in the picture but Mason's has a skull on his and he was so excited to show it to all the different guys to see if they would think it was scary.


DianeM said...

Cute pics. You look like you're easing into 4 kids with no trouble at all. Amazing. I think I would still be in my pajamas at this point.

Heitmann Family said...

So cute!!! I love all the costumes!!! Ryan and I didn't even dress up this year, so hats off to you!!

Bella said...

you guys look so cute! Okay..Tonya seriously you are way too hot to just have had a baby! DARN YOU!! haha I can't believe how big Spencer is and how he has changed! He is so soo cute!!

Laura Bernard said...

to mckenna
I like your halloween costume. I wish you still lived in Iowa. Do you see Cassidy? Are you friends?
love myra

mom said...

your very welcome for the outfits. i'm glad to see they wore them. your brothers kids never wore theres. love the pics. the kids are growing up to fast. you look great. can't wait to see all of you