Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First time with four

In Ryan's residency program he has to be on call every 2-3 weeks when he is on podiatry service. When he is off-service meaning on a rotation other podiatry there is no call. For the past six months Ryan has basically been off-service and so I have not had to deal with him being on call on a weekend. This past Sunday was my first Sunday to church by myself since having Devon. As you can imagine it was less than easy. We were extremely late, never a good start. As we are finally exiting the house I notice that Spencer has make-up on his face, and Mason has no shoes on and his shirt is unbuttoned (we had some problems focusing on getting dressed). When we get there McKena had magically buttoned Masons shirt and helped with his shoes. The only seats left are on the very front row and I am silly enough to think we can handle this. We sit down and I finally make it to Spencers face and notice that Mason also has a dirty face (syrup). Next to tying Mason's shoes. . . well he has two different shoes one black and one brown they are also both the left foot. Great!!! All this I am doing as quietly as possible considering we are in the very front and everyone can see us. We ended up being like the family having play time there in the front. Spencer would not sit down, McKena and Mason along with the boy behind them were talking incredibly loud, and we spilled cheerios all over. Thank goodness it is over. Until next time that is.


Jeff and Alison said...

Oh, I am sorry! Honestly, I can't imagine. Sundays are hard with just one--I can't imagine. Last Sunday was the best! Jack decided to sleep through 1/3 of church. Score one for Mom!!

Anonymous said...

OH Tonya!!! I feel your pain! (only with 3 kids instead of 4). Josh is on call one weekend a month if not more and it rarely goes smoothly at church with 2 adults to referee but when I'm solo... Good Luck with that!
I am happy to say that after July Josh won't have any more weekend call!!


Heitmann Family said...

oh Tonya- I keep dreading my Sunday's with four. As of right now Ryan is gone about two Sunday's a month, sometimes three and it is murder with just three kids to wrestle. I am not sure how I will manage with four. Thankfully there is a family in our ward with willing young women who will help me.

Anonymous said...


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