Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The votes are in

Ryan's dad recently came out for three weeks to visit our family and help us do some things around the house. While he was here we decided to make a few excursions to near by sites. The first weekend we decided to go and see Valley Forge and Philadelphia. We went to visit the Liberty Bell, The first post office, and Benjamin Franklin Museum. Before we left I decided that I must go and have a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. There are two places right across the street from each other that are supposed to be the best. So we decided to take a taste test.

First Geno's, this place is definitely flashier, can you say overboard. It also has a great tribute to fallen police officers, and firefighters. Next Pat's, unfortunately you cannot see the sign in this shot. This place has a more simple look to it.
According to our taste test the winner is . . . . . Well they were so similar that there was not a definite winner. Pat's was definitely hotter. Geno's you can choose if you want cheese sauce, or american cheese slices (Ryan prefers sauce). So this is how we see it. Feel free to come visit and vote for yourself.


Terri_B said...

We just went there last Saturday with the Websters after the zoo. We ate at Pat's. David and I have been to Geno's before, and we DEF. like Pat's better!!

My hubby's cheese steaks are even
BETTER than Pat's!! We'll have to have you over to try it sometime.

The Nielsen Family said...

Hello Pedersons!! I have not been to your blog for a while and it was fun to get caught up. I was thinking of you guys today as Matt was surrounded by several adoring little girls and couldn't help but think of his first "special friend" Makenna. We love thinking back to when Makenna would sit on Matt's lap during church and wrap his arms around her.

P.S. I loved your story about going to church on your own. I only have one but everytime it is a nightmare, I can't imagine doing it with four way to go!!