Sunday, May 25, 2008

August Rush

I know this movie is a little old but I just watched it last night and I loved it, well almost. It was totally up my alley. A great love story that was not too sexy, a simple uplifting story line, and that guy who played Lewis (I seem to enjoy his accent). The whole time I am watching I am thinking that I must own this movie. You see I have a list of a few movies that I love and I can just watch over and over. If I had time I could probably even watch some movies several days in a row. I just knew this movie needed to be added to my list. Then the ending came. I cannot handle endings like that. I hate to be left wondering. You cannot end a story with a few smiles and nothing said. Some of you may say that nothing needed to be said everything came full circle however I need words and somes hugs and kisses. Now I cannot tell you what more I needed to see because I am not a writer. I just don't understand why the movie people did not know there needed to be more. Luckily the rest of the movie was good enough to make up for the end so I think it still will be added to my list.


Anonymous said...

I totally me they didn't finish the movie well enough!! I needed more as well! Hope you guys are doing great!

Alison C.

Amanda W./ Mindy said...

That is one of my favorite movies as well. I bought the soundtrack to it and it is amazing. I have to say I was wanting more from the ending as well, but still a great movie in my book.