Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spencer is 2

Our little guy has turned two. This happy birthday is a little belated because I have had a hard time finding a good picture opportunity. This little boy truly makes me realize what little kids are all about. I know that I will always find something scary if I have not seen him in a few minutes. He seems to find all of those things that I or one of the kids forgets to put away. I have seen him spill more things than I care to think about. He loves to find any way possible way to get the things that I try to put out of his reach. I am not sure if that is even possible. He has barely started talking which is not rare for my children. I love to hear his new words. He loves to say Devon's name and will say it over and over. He definitely prefers his daddy. If he needs me and I do not respond right away he refuses to let me help and will not allow me to pick him up. He is our lightweight, I will not be at all surprised when Devon weighs more than he does. He has adorable dimples and beautiful blue eyes. He loves his nursery leader. He likes to take his pants off (see below) and this drives me crazy I think children should be dressed. He loves to play with Devon and watch him do things.

He is our adorable little two year old. We love all that he adds to our family.

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