Monday, July 14, 2008

America's birthday

We had a very fun Fourth of July this year. I am crazy about the 4th. I love everything about it, the parade, BBQ, red white and blue outfits, celebrating the freedom of living here, and the fireworks (I would actually call myself obsessed when it comes to fireworks). When we moved out here last year Ryan promised that he would take me to one of the big cities for the fourth while we are here. So this year I decided to take him up on it and we traveled to Philadelphia. What better place to celebrate America's birthday than in America's birth place.
They had a fun all you can eat ice cream fundraiser down on the Pier. It was only $5 for all you can eat ice cream from all of the favs. It was packed so I am not sure if we got all we could eat, but we definitely got all you can 'wear'.
They also had a naval ship at the Pier that you could tour. The kids really enjoyed that .

We ended the night with a great parade and fun fireworks. The only problem was that it rained from about 8pm on. Luckily not a down pour but enough to be wet and a little uncomfortable. The kids actually were still really good and just continued to play and run around with their friends.


Heitmann Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I love the LOVE pic. Very cool!

Debbi said...

Hi Tonya (not sure if you remember me, my husband is a 4th year now - I remember you a lot from cooking club) but Karen Phipps suggested that I email you about preschool co-op ideas and the email she gave me didn't work - if you don't mind could you email me? I have a ton of questions!

debbi christiansen