Monday, July 14, 2008


Last month we had a super fun camping weekend with our friends the Acors, Williams, and Darren Groberg (a student visiting Ryan's residency). I have really learned to love camping. As a child we went camping often or so I remember, however I prefer my adult style of camping. My new camping includes toilets (preferably flushable), showers, and running water. If I have these things some bug spray and my dutch oven I am pretty happy. I can even deal without the showers (which were lacking this particular weekend). We were able to go for two nights which in my opinion is the only way to go. There was a decent lake and decent weather. The other families had brought along their bikes which was not much fun for my kids (they still need training wheels) but was nice for Ryan and I to go on a bike ride around the lake. At one point during the weekend I was thinking that I had not had to reprimand my kids much at all. I realized it is because they just get to play all day. They also just loved being outside. It was so nice to see them playing together without fighting it probably also helped that they had other kids to play with besides themselves. It doesn't matter what the reason was I just loved the peace. My one mistake was that I did not bring anything for Devon to sit in or on. The only chance I had to set him down was in the tent.
Mason with Lauryn and Sean Williams.

Our little family on our first and hopefully not last camping trip of summer 2008.


karen and cameron said...

Hey thanks Tonya for the invite. We are planning on visiting this weekend and Cameron said that we could stay in his room with him (?) so I may be taking you up on your offer if that doesn't work out!
Camping looks fun and I may need to get a little advice from you on 4 kids!

The Nielsen Family said...

How totally fun!! And what awesome company to have. It is crazy to see how all the kids are growing up. I think camping is the funnest thing to do as a family. There's things for adults and kids and mostly things to do together that both enjoy equally. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Jenny Groberg said...

Hey guys, this is Jenny Groberg... I found your cute blog from the Arrhenius' blog. You guys are seriously the BEST! I am so grateful for your friendship and hospitality to Darren when he was out there. So far Allentown is our top choice. Darren thinks your kids are the cutest! Thanks again for taking such great care of him while he was out there. It really meant a lot to all of us.