Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here is the animal and his sister.

Soccer has come and is almost done for this year. This is McKena's second year playing and she improved somewhat. I still think she may be more well suited for something like dancing or gymnastics. However I think it is good to have her playing sports as well. On Friday they had their banquet. I have mentioned about how wonderful my neighborhood/community is. Every year they hold a sports banquet that is also for all citzens. It is so wonderful to see the people that don't even have children playing sports out to support the community. There was good food and dancing. I was actually excited that the kids got medals this year instead of tropheys.
Mason was known as the animal of his team. He would just get in there and go after the ball, often getting a little pushy. He didn't care if the other kids were taller than him (let's face it they always were). I loved to watch him play. He became so involved stating "I want to be the best soccer player ever" This was especially good for him because he often has a hard time being in front of others. When I signed him up he did not want to play because originally McKena was not going to play. I would say "but Mason you love to play soccer" to which he would respond "only in my backyard, mom." He really opened up.
McKena had a fun year and really began to attack the ball. She was always smiling. People would always ask if she ever stopped smiling. She loved to cheer her team on. At one point her coach told her she had to wipe that smile off of her face, and get her tough look on. We worked on her tought look for awhile but she just could not do it. I am grateful to have such a happy little girl.


Yorgasons said...

cute!! Hey maybe Mason will be the best soccer player ever someday!! So will Mackena do it next year? What a great community you have!!

Yorgasons said...

Ok Sorry about the type-o I meant Mckena not Mackena! Sorry!

Brenda said...

Way to go Mase!I am happy to hear he was aggressive. My little soccer players are still busy watching the clouds roll by. And smiling McKena....what a sweetheart. And I am jealous about your community bonding. So cool people without little ones comes out to the awards thing. Enjoy it!!

Camille said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! Ellie loves seeing pictures of Mckena. Maybe I can convince her to do soccer. She thinks it looks to aggressive for her.
I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Have fun at the parade.