Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mason is now 5

Yesterday was Mason's birthday. He is now 5. It is so hard for me because he was my smallest little one at birth and now he seems so big. I just want to enjoy this year, which is his last before heading off to school. I love having him around. He had a great day. His breakfast choice was again donuts, lunch chicken nuggets and dinner pesto chicken with brocoli. I am so glad that we have moved beyond the corn dogs and nuggets for dinner. It was nice to have a meal that I could actually feel good about feeding them after all of that sugar.
Mason really working to get those candles blown out. He chose to have just a plain cake with cherries on top. I really am not a cake lover and so I was glad to see something a little different.
The moment of surprise. The funniest part about this picture was that he had already seen this gift in my room one day. He sure does pull of the surprised face really well!!!
5 wonderful things about MASON
*He has really become so much more helpful since McKena went to school all day
*He is truly very sweet to his mom, he can make me feel so loved
*He has built a little bond with my old lady neighbor, they really are great friends
*He is very athletic and is LOVING soccer this year
*He is becoming a fun older brother for Spencer and Devon

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