Monday, November 23, 2009

Maybe you shouldn't say that!!

I am not sure what has happened this time but everything has gotten much bigger much faster. I understand the concept the more kids you have the faster you show but seriously it just really seems out of control this time. So here are some things that maybe should have gone unsaid.
*Are you having twins (when I was 3 months)
*You are only five months along (come on that is more than half way, right)
*I thought you were close to being done
*As we were going to FL to stay at the Wilsons. Ryan asked how far along Amanda was. I responded about 2 wks further than myself. So he said "Now don't feel bad when she is a lot smaller than you, I just don't want you to be sad" (ok so this did not really bother me I knew he would be right)
*Another Ryan (as he was working in the ER) "Tonya I have seen so many women with really bad stretch marks, you have to be careful so that you do not get any" This was when he was encouraging me to drink less soda, the only thing that made me somewhat happy.

So here I am with #5 24 wks along. I have given up on wearing my own pants as of Sat. when I had to change midday out of the last pair I thought I could wear. I have not been able to see my feet for a while. None of this has stopped me from enjoying ample amounts of Halloween candy since I could finally enjoy chocolate again.

Honestly I am not an easily offended person so luckily most of the comments have just rolled off my back. I even don't mind when Mason pats my tummy and says "Wow mom your belly is getting big!" On a happy note I am getting great use out of all of my maternity clothes.


Heitmann Family said...

Congrats Tonya!! I didn't even know you guys were expecting again. I think you look great by the way!!

Charity said...

Tonya, I think you look FABULOUS! I am so glad you posted a pic, and I think you look just fine for how far along you are...I mean you ARE almost done right?! Man youre big. hehe. JUST KIDDING!!! Can't wait to meet my new neice or nephew.

Our family said...

All I can say is I REMEMBER!!! I think I've heard 'em all. I've had the twins comment with each one of my 5 followed by "are you sure???"
Anyway, you look great! We miss you guys so much.
ps. we have you guys for Christmas...giftcard?:)

Yorgasons said...

Oh, Tonya you look great! I wish I looked as good as you when I am pregnant! Your really do look great!

big_smartmouth said...

tonya, you are adorable! no worries about the "you're so big!" comments. seriously, being pregnant is the only time that comment can be taken as a compliment. so, the next time someone tells you how huge you are, know you are a beautiful pregnant woman and tell them, proudly,"thank you!"

Alison said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't know you were expecting!! Do you know what you are having?? I think you look great!!! Thanks for sharing...I'm sure 99% of pregnant women feel the same way!!

Bella said...

I didn't know u were prego! Congrats!!!!!! You look amazing, but you always do! Even when you're pregnant!

Camille said...

Tonya, Congratulations!! I remember when you moved to PA and how cute you looked pregnant! One of the cuttest pregnant women I have ever seen. So, even though you may feel bigger I want you to know you are beautiful.
Hope you are feeling well, and do you know what you are having?? Is Mckena going to get a sister??

Anonymous said...

Wow, going for #5, congrats! You're not that big, I'm the same way, I get HUGE, and lots of comments to go with it!