Monday, March 29, 2010


My house in finally on the market. Thanks to Bronwyn's talent and decor it looks beautiful. It has been up for almost three weeks and I am so happy to have it done. So I thought after I had it put up life would be great. Since we have put it up it seems like everyday something went wrong. First my kids spilled black paint on the carpet (thank goodness it was in the basement), one night a light bulb just shattered in the fixture, at 4:30 one morning we woke up to a loud crash and some plates on the wall had fallen off and shattered, my window boxes fall off every few days, Devon peed on the carpet (don't tell our future buyers), McKena melted at plastic bag on the stove. . . . the list could go on. Today nothing went wrong, but tomorrow is another day so I will not count my lucky stars yet.
Throughout this process I have received so much service. I could never thank everyone enough. Here is a shoutout to you all. Thanks you Mom, Bronwyn, Brenda, Amy, Angie, Lisa, LeeAnn, JoAnna, Drew, Larry, Pat and Gary, Eddie, and anyone else I am missing. (don't hate me if I forgot you)


Charity said...

Hey! That is the first pic of your house I have seen from the front! I love it! Cute, CUTE!!

Sylwia said...

where are you guys moving?

Brenda said...

Amen! After a while I began to wonder if crazy things happen in my house everyday but I just didn't notice or become paranoid about it until the house was in Bronwyn perfect shape. Good luck. We're praying for you!