Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our little Dev

Devon will be 9 mos. on Monday. I really enjoy watching him as he is learning to get around. He can army crawl better than I remember any of my other kids. He gets on his hands and knees often but doesn't actually move yet. My favorite thing is when he gets in pushup position with his little bum in the air. He still has chubby cheeks but is thinning out a little everywhere else.
What will he find around the corner. The kid loves to move around the entire room.


Jeff and Alison said...

HE IS ADORABLE!!! Jack did the exact same crawl then crawled in the 9th month. Watch out...he might be a late walker like Jack, too (14 months and still nothing!!!). It was fun to see pictures :)

M & S Eagar said...

Okay...I have to agree with Alison - he is ADORABLE! He's like this sweet teddy bear you just wanna squeeze! :)