Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our backyard

Our backyard has been amazing this spring and summer as all of the flowers are blooming. It is so fun to watch because everything is a surprise since I am so unfamiliar with flowers. I am always anxiously awaiting the buds to bloom so that I can see what beauty awaits us. The previous owners were obviously into a beautiful yard and they have given us much to look at and a whole lot of work to do. First off there is this cute little fish pond in the center of our backyard. We decided to take it out because it is not practical for a family of four little kids. Plus we just really need more grassy area.
Here is Ryan's grass that he is working so hard to grow. You cannot tell really well in this picture but the new grass is a completley different color of green and looks kind of funny right now hopefully we will be able to blend it a little in the next few years.
Just some pictures of some of our flowers.

No this is not the southwest, but yes we do even have a catus.
In addition to these beauties we have had daffodils, iris', roses, forsythia, azaleas, peonies. violets, and many more that I have no idea what they are. On a side not we also have our vegetable garden that is growing. I am so excited to harvest. We ate our first pea the other day so yummy.


BrendaBBL said...

Cute posts Tonya! Keep em coming!!

Beautiful flowers!!

Jeff and Alison said...

That looks so nice...I am jealous of the grass! Your flowers look amazing, too :)

the bean family said...

Way to go on the growing stuff! We have a backyard now and I am the same way I am always scared that I am going to kill everything! It looks beautiful!!!