Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you mean a different Mason?

I finally got the kids in for the last session of swim lessons this summer. McKena is the only one that had lessons in the past, so I was really anxious to get the boys in. McKena has always enjoyed the pool and just swims around like a little fish. She did well with lessons and even began to learn diving techniques. I love her confidence in the pool she is just comfortable in water.

Mason on the other hand has always been quite aprehensive. He would scream whenever Ryan tried to take him out in the water and swim around with him. He just liked to stay on the steps and play there. This year I noticed him getting a little braver in the pool so I decided that it was time to try him in lessons. When I asked him if he wanted me to sign him up he said no, and after the first day I asked if he was still mad and he said yes. However as the lessons went on he really blossomed and did quite well. His teacher called him a little fish. What?? Are talking about my son Mason? I was so excited that he enjoyed himself.

Here is the big slide. McKena's class got to go down at the end of each lesson. The first time McKena I loved listening to her squealing on the way down. Mason's class was able to go down at the end of the last class. It was so much fun for them.

Spencer opened up as well. I think he just needed something to give him a bit of confidence in the water. He was very obedient to his teacher and did a good job. Now he does not freak out when I hold him in the water and it is more fun for both of us.

I am glad we were able to get our lessons in now I just wonder how often will be visiting the pool. Last night Ryan said he saw a house with smoke coming from their chimney. WHAT!! a fire in August. Can I handle the Coos Bay cold?? Anyway here is a cute pic of Brooklyn to end my thoughts.


Charity said...

Oh my goodness! Can I just put it out there?! I have some CUTEY PA TOOTIE neices and nephews!! Brooklyn is getting to big! What a doll and HELLO?! Youre not her mom or anything! She SOO looks like you. Cant wait to see you guys!

our family said...

I have fond memories of taking the kids to swim lessons when I was pregnant with Kurt and Lauren and I did a mom and tot class while the others worked with the swim teacher. That was the end of our swim much work to get 5 to the pool! But really worth it:)
McKena is so beautiful sitting on the side of the pool like a teen. Wow! Good job Mason!!!