Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's build something together

On Saturday I had to run to Lowes so I decided to get there in time for the building project that they have for kids every other Saturday. I was completely impressed. I left wondering why I had not taken advantage of this program all summer. It could be because I knew Brooklyn would more than most likely cry while I was in the middle of hammering and I would get stares because I did not pick her up, (which is exactly what happened).

So here is the final project, a bug box. I was expecting some lock together pieces and glue. However there were actual nails, hammers and directions. We did fail to pay attention to the directions and therefore, had to take out nails and hammer them in again. We still walked away happy and satisfied with our building experience. The best part of all was some very nice lady said to me "Since your kids probably won't tell you I think you are awesome for bringing them all here to do this." I felt so appreciated. It was also so much nicer than the "you sure do have your hands full" comment that I normally get.
The kids also all got aprons and they had a patch that you could put onto your apron that had a pic. of the project. I saw one little family with all of their patches sewn onto the aprons and I got jealous about the missed projects and then I realized I probably would have lost our patches before sewing them on anyway. Sure enough I was right because we may have already lost all of the patches.

On a side note, Brooklyn is 6 months tomorrow. She is improving so much now that she can roll around on the floor. I think that she just likes to moves. She is not one for sitting and so the swing is out which makes me super sad because I have a great swing. She sleeps well on the days we are actually home for her to have a nap. She like her pacifier which makes me VERY happy. She already rocks on her hands and knees. I do not remember my other babies doing so at this age. I am not ready for her to be mobile yet so hopefully she will not figure it out for awhile. We all are enjoying her so much.

I think she looks so much like I did as a baby. Especially in the above pic. Mom what do you think??


Peter and Brittany Merrill said...

It was so good to catch up on your life of crazies! It made me feel like there is someone out there that understands how stressful and the summer has been with a new job and new house, moving etc...
Hang in there YOU are a great mom! I hate it when people tell me I have my hands full...gee no kidding huh! The kids are growing and so cute!Keep blogging...I am in desparate need to update my with the girls in school there will be more updates!
Take Care!

Charity said...

Oh my goodness!!! Brooklyn is a DOLL!!! Tonya, seriously. She is precious. I cant wait to see you guys. I think you are doing an AMAZING job and good for you for taking the kids to Lowes. That is awesome.
I know how much Ryan loves and misses all of you. You guys are doing great. Give the kids a love from me.

Kathie said...

Brooklyn does look alot like you did. The frist picture the most. I can't believe how much the kids have changed sense i was there. Love you all and can't wait to see you.

Brenda said...

Oh this post makes me miss you SO much!!!! I have longed for an outing with the Pedersons. I can COMPLETELY picture you at Lowes with your little crew...not listening to directions and having to re-do it... I can see your face in frustration. I can also picture Brooklyn crying and doing nothing about it because you are taking care of the others! Our mothering styles are so the same! I miss you!!!!!! You are in our prayers every night. LOVE YOU!!