Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Devon's Blessing

On Sunday we had Devon's blessing. I was already, head bowed, pen in hand waiting to record these special words for my son. Well my other three children had another idea. Spencer is crying/screaming the entire time so I can barely hear. I decided to stand up with him and a nice man in my ward takes him off my hands so that I can enjoy this special moment. Upon returning to my bench I find Mason with a bloody nose smeared clear across his face. Luckily it was not dripping so he could wait. By the time the other children were under control the blessing was over. I am grateful it is recorded in heaven.
Ryan is such a wonderful father. I love the fact that he blesses our children. I am especially grateful for the love and support that he gives to them and me as well. Each of our children are unique and Ryan always contemplates what he will say so that he gives them a unique blessing. Thank you Ryan, we love you.
By the way for those of you admiring Devon's incredibly beautiful blessing outfit it is courtesy of my mom. My mom had made special outfits for all of my children and I absolutely love it. Thanks mom.


Jason & Teresa said...

o wow!that sounds a little crazy. Im glad you can tell us about it - It seems a little funny too I hope giggle a little too! a bloody nose? what timeing. You do have a great husband and family and they have a wonderful mom.

Heitmann Family said...

I always love when my babies are blessed. Devon is so handsome in his outfit!!