Monday, December 24, 2007


We have really been able to enjoy the snow this year. Recently we had freezing rain and the whole yard was like an ice rink. The kids wanted to try and ice skate. They only had on real shoes of course, it was still not very successful. McKena fell and got a scrape on her hand right away. Mason learned it was much more fun and less dangerous to just slide on your belly. I didn't get any pics of the ice. These are pics of the fun snow.
Even though I don't think Spencer moved from this spot the whole time he was not very happy when I tried to bring him inside.
Here Mason is ready to pounce McKena.


Heitmann Family said...

Ayden really wishes we had some snow!! No such luck, just RAIN and more RAIN!!

Jason & Teresa said...

wow spencer is really a cute little boy.

Jason & Teresa said...

Happy New year!!!sorry about the 2am call from Jason.