Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am married again

This picture is kind of blurry but the point isn't for you to see my ring, but to know that I am wearing it. For about two months before and after I have my babies I am not able to wear my wedding ring. My fingers just get too fat. I usually try it on often after about the first four weeks postpartum and it finally fit about two weeks ago. For me this is even more exciting than getting into my favorite pair of jeans (I have a long time for this milestone). Not only because I love my beautiful ring, but also because I love wearing the symbol of my wonderful marriage


Heitmann Family said...

Got to love when your body returns to it's former (somewhat) glory -pre-baby!

Laura Bernard said...

Congratulations!! What an exciting moment. There is nothing like sliding those jeans on again, huh? Even if they are quite snug . . . They are ON! I'm sure you'll get there eventually! Good luck with the videos, too!

Bella said...

Yea for you! I still can't fit my ring on! Jake is now 8 months! Dang it! Oh well, have a great day!