Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Family Pictures

This past weekend we went to have our family pictures taken. Our good friend Bronwyn took them for us and did an excellent job. I wish we could have done the same for them. Of course every picture has a problem it seems. This was one of my favorites because of the great backdrop and everybody is looking and most are smiling.
Ryan never likes to do couple pictures however I reminded him that this is how it all started. Sometimes it is nice to get back to just the two of us.
Here are some of the pictures that you will not see gracing our Christmas card. Isn't it
annoying when someone is making a funny face. Even more annoying when that someone is your husband. Actually that is not the only problem with this one so he did not get into too much trouble.
This picture sums up how our family was feeling by the end of the photo shoot. Did I mention that it was about thirty degrees out. I was seriously wondering if we had frozen our poor little Devon. All for the sake of the Christmas card. As you will notice it is always the mom that is still trucking.


Jeff and Alison said...

Those were awesome! It was funny you said they were the ones that are NOT going in the card. I am excited to see what picture you did choose for your card! I thought they were cute. It looks really pretty there even though it was cold.

PS: Gotta love taking pictures with the hubby-Jeff ALWAYS closes his eyes!!

Heitmann Family said...

I loved them. Family pictures is always an undertaking!! We are attempting them this weekend, we shall see how they turn out!!! Yours are great!!

Bella said...

I think that first one turned out AWESOME! Love the backdrop. I can't believe how big Spencer is! McKenna looks so cute, how did you do her hair? Was it just braids and then you took them out?

Dan and Amanda Arrhenius said...

Oh what a cute family! I DO NOT emjoy getting family pictures taken. Someone is always in a bad mood and it it so hard to get ONE picture with evryone smiling!

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

Just missing all of our Iowa friends & browsing through blogs...what a cute family you have. The pics look great!